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The Night The War Ended

British Youth Music Theatre presents

The Night The War Ended

London 8th May 1945 – the biggest party in history begins on a night that will be remembered forever: the night the war ended.

The city is buzzing with excitement as people hear the news. The streets fill up with people from all over the world singing and celebrating. Fascinated by the crowds, teenage Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret cannot bear to watch from afar. Disguised, they sneak out of the palace, blending in with the crowds and embarking on an incredible journey filled with danger, decisions and new experiences on one glorious night that will change them forever.

Written by acclaimed writing team Stephanie Jayne Amies and Teddy Clements (Tomorrow, Maybe) and directed by international director Steven Dexter (Loserville, Paperboy and Closer To Heaven). With soaring harmonies and powerful narrative, this original musical promises to sweep the audience along the streets of London and into the most magical night in history.


Creative Team: Music & Lyrics Stephanie Jayne Amies | Additional Music & Arrangements Teddy Clements | Book Nicholas Scrivens and Steven Dexter | Director Steven Dexter | Musical Director Teddy Clements | Choreographer Julia Cave



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